November Photo Contest Winner

December 3, 2013 at 11:28 pm

Congratulations to our November photo contest winner, J. Price! This beautiful photo of the sun setting on a serene sailboat received 27 votes from The Boat Guy fans! J. Price claims our November prize- a Boat Guy schwag bag, full of fun stuff, and an Aqua Quip gift certificate.

J. Price is automatically entered in our grand prize drawing for a $900 Saber BBQ!

Submit your favorite photo now for our December photo contest, sponsored by Aqua Quip! The contest theme is “Celebrate the Holidays… Boat Guy Style!” which means “on the water.” Share a snapshot of your favorite holiday decorations or celebrations on the water in the Northwest or anywhere in the world.

We’ll announce our December winner at the beginning of the New Year, as we make our final preparations for The Boat Guy’s Winter Rendezvous party in Poulsbo, WA. Join us for the perfect excuse to get your boat out this winter.

Good luck and Happy Holidays from Chip Hanauer and the entire Boat Guy crew!



  • John Price

    Woo Hoo!!! Mom always said I was a winner.

    Hey, by the way, where do I need to go to pick up the swag bag?

    Also, just a note on the boat in the picture, it was taken at Thunderbird Marina in Eastlake… one of the last family owned marinas left.

    The boat is Sassafrass, a 60′ schooner that just finished a n extensive 10 year long restoration detailed here:

    A lot of the shipwright work was done by Bakketun and Thomas in Ballard (who, by the way, used to dabble in outboard racing and operate out of one of the oldest buildings that remain on the canal).

    The owners of Sassafrass just moved the boat up to Deer Harbor. I submitted the photo in their honor, hoping they’d win and I could surprise them with the honor of the award (I just did yesterday! Thanks!).

    Seems like a lot of possible video ideas for Chip if you were interested. :)

    - John Price

    • Hey John, great picture! A well deserved winner! Sam and I will follow up on your ideas. Thanks. We are figuring out a way to get the swag bag to you. Trust me, you’re life is about to get great with the treasures in the swag bag!