Taking in Tacoma, WA

Tacoma and south Puget Sound have a public relations problem. The problem is Interstate 5! Frankly, those of us that don’t live near Tacoma formulate our “view” of the area by what we see when we drive past on I-5. As a result, we see Tacoma as nothing but industrial and we hardly appreciate the south Sound. Well, I can tell you first hand that we “Northerners” are horribly misinformed.
Since starting The Boat Guy, I have come to view and appreciate south Puget Sound in a new way. I always thought that, if you boated from Seattle, you headed north. Well, if I had a week or so to spend on a boat now, I’d head south! The beauty of the south Sound is amazing, not to mention the crabs are bigger and there’s tons to see and do! Check out our “Crabbing” video with Tony Floor and our Gig Harbor video. Oh, and I forgot to mention that there are fewer people down there. It’s relaxed, quiet, friendly, and not so crowded, with lot’s of gorgeous parks and bays to pull into and have all to yourself. Good luck trying to find that kind of solitude up north, without going way up north.

The Foss Landing and Dock Street Marinas are perfect places to “headquarter” in south Sound. The indoor storage at Foss Landing Marina is brilliant! Storing your boat indoors makes so much sense. It takes the effort of maintaining your boat down to nearly nothing. Think about it, you call up, (even at the spur of the moment) and your boat is in the water and ready to go, spotless and warm with the holding tank empty. You come back, throw your lines to the friendly, fun staff at Foss Landing and you walk away. They clean your boat and put it away in a warm, dry building, where it sits, ready to go on your next adventure.

Tired of spending lots of time cleaning your bottom every year and applying expensive bottom paint? There’s no need, if you store your boat indoors at Foss Landing. And, come on, who doesn’t love a clean bottom? The Boat Guy sure does! I’m not so sure about Sam the camera man?

Downtown Tacoma is a sophisticated, youthful, exciting, vibrant city, with a plan. Frankly, if I were a young person, I’d think about starting my adult life there. Let’s be honest, it’s tough in Seattle. It’s crowded and very expensive. Tacoma has planned ahead. They’ve saved and restored their beautiful architecture, using it as a centerpiece, while building great amenities around it. People seem less hurried, more relaxed, and really friendly. Even the mayor is super cool! I’m old and pretty entrenched in Seattle. But, if I were younger and just starting out, Tacoma looks like the next undiscovered great place.

So, jump on your boat and head to Tacoma and the south Sound. Plan on spending some days at the Foss Waterway and Dock Street Marina. Great food, wonderful museums, all kinds of music and nightlife, shops of every description, and sweet people with time to talk; it’s all waiting for you. And, it’s all within walking distance from your boat. There’s no need for a car.
Oh, there is one place you should take a short cab ride to… it’s well worth it. The Pup Room Lounge, in the back of the Poodle Dog Restaurant, is a western Washington experience that is not to be missed… I wouldn’t mention my name though.

Between you and me…
Chip Hanauer, The Boat Guy

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