Chip Drives Atlas Van Lines at Seafair!

ChipAtlasSuitAfter more than three decades, Bill Muncey’s 1977 Atlas Van Lines, aka The Blue Blaster, will finally get back in the water at Seafair 2014. Hydroplane racing legend Chip Hanauer, The Boat Guy, will do a demonstration run on each day of the Seattle celebration, August 1-3.

“I feel very privileged to be asked to drive Bill Muncey’s 1977 Atlas Van Lines at Seafair this year. I can even fit into my own Atlas Van Lines driving suit from over 30 years ago. I’ll also be doing the broadcast on KIRO TV for the all-day coverage of the Albert Lee Cup Hydroplane Race and Boeing Air Show on Sunday.

In my opinion, Bill Muncey was the greatest driver of all time and this is the boat he had much of his success with. It’s been painstakingly restored over four and a half years by volunteers at the Hydroplane and Race Boat Museum in Kent, WA.

Bill was killed in this very boat in a crash in Acapulco, Mexico in 1981. I was hired the following year by the Muncey family and Atlas Van Lines to drive a new boat. We won the Championship that year and I’ll never forget Bill or the opportunity they gave me. Bill’s entire family is traveling here from California for this historic event.”

-Chip Hanauer, The Boat Guy

For more details on this huge moment in unlimited hydro history, as well as updates on the Albert Lee Cup hydroplane racing competition, read this article in the Seattle Times from July 29, 2014.


 Photo of Chip in Atlas Van Lines from Seafair 2014


  • Jon Calvo

    I came down to the Pits on Friday. Got there in time to see the Muncey Family, Jim Lucero, the Crew Chief and Chip “christen” the boat with champagne.
    I’m 62 and I had a few ters running down my cheek.
    Absolutely the highlight of my Seafair weekend.

  • greg goodson

    thanx chip…..oh the wonderful memories…..I met mr. muncey a number of times….the last time I talked to him was 71 …he was with bill Cantrell on the atlas boat in the pits….he was my hero as a kid…he sent me cards and one very special letter during the thriftway times….and then came u….how cool….thanx for bringing along the memories…..god bless….