June Photo Winner Shares

July 8, 2014 at 10:51 pm

2014-06-14-Soap-Lake-110Congratulations to our June photo contest winner, Kathy! Kathy receives a Boat Guy schwag bag, full of fun stuff, including an Aqua Quip gift certificate. She is also automatically entered in our grand prize drawing for a Saber BBQ, compliments of The Boat Guy and Aqua Quip.

Don’t forget, July is your last chance to win the monthly photo contest and be entered in the grand prize contest! We’ll select the grand prize winner in early August.

So far, there are nine different monthly winners. In fact, The Boat Guy selected Kathy this month, even though she had the second-most votes. Our March winner Tom’s second self-portrait had the most votes in June, but it’s The Boat Guy’s call and he didn’t want a duplicate winner, so Kathy claims the June prize and gets a shot at the BBQ!

Kathy had this to say about her photo (or you can watch her video about it):

This is five Kelson boats with five Kelson drivers. Our boat was one of the five boats. It is the Bolam’s Express, owned by Bob and Kathy. We had it built in 1981. We RACED it from 1982 to 1985, when we sold it. In 2007, our friend Mark, made it possible for us to get it back. It was in very bad shape, but Bob restored it from 2007-2009 and, in May 2009, we started being part of the Vintage Hydroplane ranks. We did that from 2009-2012 when we “retired”. It has been in the water three times since then…

1.) As a tribute, last year, at Soap Lake, where we were the first boat back on the water after 30 years. We had been in the last heat on Soap Lake 30 years before, so they asked us to run with the flag during the national anthem.

2.) We participated in the Coeur d’Alene Diamond Cup. Bob had grown up in this area, and we live here, and it was his dream to run his boat on Lake Coeur d’Alene.

3.) The 2014 Soap Lake Kelson Tribute. This picture was taken on June 14 of this year. So now, I think, we are retired again.

By the way, June is the second month in a row that a hydroplane picture has won The Boat Guy Photo Contest. Last month’s winner was from Grosse Pointe, Michigan and the June winner is from right here in the Pacific Northwest. Hydroplane racing is reaching full speed again, acceleration that will culminate at Seafair 2014. Stay tuned Boat Guy fans!


  • Caprice Kutz

    Oops, I failed to mention that my father-in-law built the dinghy in the photo that the dog is riding in.

  • Caprice Kutz

    I am the one who submitted the dog in the dinghy for the July contest. His name was Crispian by the way. He was my husband’s family pet. My father-in-law was a well known marine architect in the Seattle area for many years, Jack Kutz. He was into boats from the day he was born until the day he passed on. At the time of his passing he was still actively working on two 30′+ sailboats in his yard despite the fact that he was in his 90s. I submitted a photo of my grandson to this contest last month sitting in a dinghy holding a pirate flag. That was another boat built by Jack, his great Grandfather.